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Who is Miss Bikini Body Workout, you must be asking? Well, my name is Torrie Wilson. I am a WWE Diva, Bikini Body Workout expert, a Bikini Model and athlete. I created this website to help women get into the best shape of their life. In this website, you will be able to find workout plans, Fitness & Health Motivation, and other information to help you get into the best shape of your life. 

Torrie's Bikini Body Workout Tips

The Best Methods


Would you like to be an eye magnet every time bikini season comes? Well, you can always be the person you wanted to be. Everyone is capable of having great body posture and shape. What is just lacking is discipline and focus. But you could always try varied effective ways on to get that slamming hot body.


Be the star of summer through the following methods:


1.       Set your goals

Identify what weight percentage would you want to lose.  Ask what part of your body needs improvement.   This will be the best start in achieving the body you’ve been hoping to have.   Your specific goal will guide you on what type of exercises or diet will be suited for you.


2.       Always eat healthy foods

Being fit is also having a healthy body. It’s hitting two bird with only one stone.   You will be able to shine bright due to your perfectly shaped body during summer.  Furthermore, you will also be able to avoid diseases. But how could you achieve those dream of yours?  Here are some perfect ways on how to get bikini body.


3.       Start reducing your calorie intake

 Maybe, one vital process arriving into an awesome ideal body shape is through exercise.  But it will not work perfectly alone.  Calorie intake also plays a very important role.  Your present health condition and body weight are the end product of what you daily eat.  The calorie you get from food is later transformed into energy.  If you failed to use this energy, you will surely gain your hated fats.  To avoid it, changing your bad eating habits and diet will be the best practice. Fruits as well as vegetables, ample protein and water intake per day are very much helpful in having bikini body.


Do Your Bikini Body Workout

Move and do exercises


Aside from perfect daily eating plan, exercise is one of the best methods for having your dreamed body.  Actually, exercise together with the right food goes well together. People who eat too much and exercise less are mostly obese people.  If the energy that people get from food is not fully utilized, it becomes fats.   You would surely not like that. You can do cardio exercise, which includes biking, hiking, swimming, jogging and many more to avoid it. Just make sure that you will enjoy what you’ve chosen.  It would be better to choose gyms or just enrolled in a class for exercise. Through varied exercise programs, inch by inch, you are changing your lifestyle for the better.


Every one of you has an idea of what you want to do and to become in your life. Maybe now, you’re too annoyed of your situation and even your appearance.  But always remember that it’s never too late for you to be who you wanted to be. This is like aiming to be fit and sexy.  If you want to have a really promising body shape,   you always can. You’re the one putting limits on your capabilities.  If you have right attitude and perspective, there’s nothing impossible for you to succeed.  


I hope you've enjoyed the above tips. For more tips and videos, do not forget to check my website and blog often as I will be sharing them frequently.


God bless and don't forget to do your bikini body workout!